With busy summer schedules on the horizon, we thought we’d give you a quick checklist and some tips for tackling your Summer cleaning. If you do a few of these a day over a week’s time, you’ll get your place ship-shape and feeling ready for the season ahead.

Take this time of year to do a deep clean by moving furniture away from the walls and vacuuming behind it. This is also a good time to clean out your kitchen cupboards and throw away any expired food.

Appliances in the kitchen can always use a little TLC. If your oven has a self-cleaning mode, go ahead and run that cycle. A thorough cleaning of the shelves and drawers of your fridge using a simple solution of salt and soda water is another great tip.

Here’s an easy idea. If your curtains are looking dusty, take them down, remove the hooks and run them through the air-fluff cycle for 15 minutes in the dryer along with a wet towel. This will draw off the dust. Be sure to hang them back in the windows immediately so they don’t wrinkle.

Did you know you can clean the blades of ceiling fans by misting them with a coat of furniture polish? Use a rag to wipe off the excess and lightly buff. Springtime is also a great time to address windows both inside and out. Take the extra effort to clean the sills and ledges too.

Don’t skip the outside duties! Wipe down lawn furniture with a mild detergent. Items that typically don’t get much attention are your trash cans. To really clean out garbage cans, use a garden hose and also spray the inside with a disinfectant, and then rinse. Leave them upside down to dry.

We always think chores go by faster when you multitask. While on the phone you can do all kinds of tasks like folding laundry, sweeping, dusting or unloading the dishwasher.

We hope you’ll find these suggestions useful as you take pride in your home and get it ready for hosting cookouts, holiday celebrations, or out of town visitors this summer vacation. A few minutes a day and you’ll be on your way!