Five Great Home Resolution Tips

This is naturally the time to set personal New Year’s resolutions with aspirations like working on our own health, setting career goals, or saving more money. But it is also the perfect jump off point to getting our households in order. Here are five tips to making 2018 start off on a good note.

  • Declutter It is so easy to become inundated with stuff. Cabinets and drawers can get packed and before you know it things are harder to find and use. This year, resolve to periodically clear things out that you don’t use regularly. Find good spots for those items you constantly do use. Organizing items like remotes and electronic chargers in pretty baskets and grouping similar things together will make everyday life smoother.
  • Safety Checks Test and replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as the new year begins. You’ll be able to easily remember when you last replaced them if you do this every January as the new year begins.
  • Healthy Home Air quality can be at its worst during wintertime when windows and doors are closed more frequently. Change your air filters and be sure to use the highest-quality filters you can afford ($10-20 on average). We recommend you change them every month during peak heating and cooling seasons.
  • Clean Out Your Dryer Have you noticed it takes longer for loads to dry in your dryer? If so it may be time to clean out the vent. Simply detach the duct from behind the unit and then use a plumbing snake into dryer vent from the outside. Pull the cloth and snake through a couple of times and your clean vent will save energy and could prevent a fire as well.
  • Keep Warmth In Use tubular rubber weatherstripping to keep those drafts out and your heating bills down. When compressed, the weatherstripping effectively seals out chilly drafts. Some tubular gaskets have peel-and-stick adhesive backing, while others have an attached metal or wood flange that must be secured with nails or screws.

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