Most people fall under the category of renter and the only reference is from the tenant’s experience. Few probably ever consider what the other side of the coin in property management might be. The duties and responsibilities as property managers are huge not to mention the customer service aspect. A management person or company must make sure their tenants are taken care of from a health and safety standard as well as ensuring peace and happiness. It’s a tall order for sure and it takes a well-oiled team to pull it off successfully.

The Balance Small Business updated their information this June and lists 7 main responsibilities of a property manager. Their chart above delineates each into a specific category. All of these are equally important in the day to day business of taking care of rental property and the tenants who inhabit them. However, all of these categories may be running at 100% but the tenants themselves do not feel it on their end.  Why might this be? It’s really quite simple. The property managers may have no human factor figured into their daily plan.

All businesses that interact with humans on a daily basis must address the fact that everyone wants to feel important and cared for. This couldn’t be truer in the property management profession. After all, they are there each day to provide shelter and all the amenities that go along with that such as utilities, parking, safety precautions for fire, menacing, and theft, not to mention many others. But, perhaps the most important of all is having a true desire to take care of tenants and the best way to make sure that is conveyed is to express a genuine gratitude for the tenants by always being hospitable and kind. Making a true effort to meet the needs of those tenants in a reasonable amount of time goes a long way. Going the extra mile will guarantee loyal renters who will be glad to tell their friends and families and other prospective tenants about their great landlords. The last thing a rental management company needs and wants is disgruntled renters who share their misfortunate experiences with the community and even worse these days, via social media! That is sure death for future business.

Take the time to find a rental management company that greets you with a smile and makes you feel at home the minute you walk in the door. If your first impression isn’t great, the odds are it’s not going to get any better. Remember that they have a huge workload every day and if they aren’t experts at balancing it all plus treating you well, they probably don’t really have it all together as well as they should. Keep looking.

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