Don’t Rent an Apartment. Rent a Lifestyle

Renting has a lot of benefits and can be a terrific lifestyle choice for any size family. Here are five great reasons to choose to rent:

  1. Flexibility ​- If you would like to maintain your freedom to relocate for work or to try out a new city should you choose.
  2. Location​ – Access to the best neighborhoods, amenities, and school systems are all possible when long-term renting.
  3. Financial Goals -​ Owning and maintaining a home can be expensive. Renting can be a more cost-effective way to save money for future plans since leasing only requires a security deposit and a first and last month’s rent. Securing a mortgage to purchase a home often requires a significant down payment.
  4. Minimal Repairs and Maintenance​ – You are not responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and repairs unless you damage the property. Even the lawn and exterior care is the landlord’s responsibility.
  5. No Threat of Losing Equity​ ​- Tenants who lease homes avoid fluctuations in real estate and do not gain or lose. If you’re planning on staying in an area for less than five years, it’s usually not a wise idea to invest in a home because it will be a while before you can make any gains.

You see, the American Dream can be achieved through renting as well. We’d love the chance to show you our Summit homes so you can see our upscale properties in person.

Once you take a look at our properties, you’ll see for yourself the difference in a Summit home. We offer more square footage and higher quality residences at the most affordable rental rates in the area. This means a happier lifestyle for your family. Visit us soon to discover the difference you deserve.