Location, Location, Location! These words are usually associated in regards to a business but it’s equally as important when it comes to choosing a rental property. Proximity to work, schools, daycare, recreational facilities, hospitals, doctors and other personal needs are always priorities when searching for the perfect home. You’re lucky if you find a place that allows you to mark two or three of these items off of the list. It’s a really great day if you can check them all off! The search can be daunting but getting organized can make the task much easier.

Here are some helpful tips.

  • Sit down and pencil out a list of your preferences.
  • Prioritize your preferences in order of most important to least importance.
  • Establish a target area based on your priorities.
  • Narrow down properties within the target area by eliminating those that don’t meet your top priorities.
  • Visit the top properties options a day during the week as well as the weekend to see who your neighbors will be and what’s going on in the neighborhood.
  • Make a run to the places on your list to see how long it take to get to your priority places.
  • Speak to the property management company to see what their policies are and ask for a copy of their lease agreements.

There are many more important items you may determine are priorities and should consider but this bullet list will help you get started on your way to finding the perfect location for your new home. Only you can decide what property best meets your needs but taking the time to do your homework and you will get the correct results.

Summit Property Management is a full service property management company that owns all of its rental properties and is located in Northwest Arkansas. They have available properties in the communities of Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers and Farmington. Visit them when searching for your new home. It’s likely they will have the perfect location for you!