Resident Handbook

Thank you for choosing to live in a Summit Property. The following information may be useful to you during the time you reside in one of our properties.

Issuance of Keys

Upon receipt of your Key Deposit and the account numbers for all of your utilities, we will have your keys ready to be picked up in our office. When you fulfill your Lease and return your keys you will receive the Key Deposit back. If you lose your keys please notify us immediately so that we may either get a new one to you or change the locks entirely, the expense of which will be your responsibility.

Moving In

Please walk through your unit at least 24 hours prior to moving in and inform us of any repairs, touch ups, issues, etc. that we need to address.

Paying Rent

Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 2nd day of each month. You are encouraged to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer so that you may avoid any and all late fees. You may also pay your rent online within this website. If you mail your rent or drop it off please make sure that we receive it by the 1st to avoid any late fees.

Automatic Renewal of Lease Term

At the end of the first term of your Lease you must either have given us a written notice of your intent to vacate within 30 days prior to the Lease End Date or the Lease Term will automatically renew for the same term length.

Parking Spaces

You will have two parking spaces and may be assigned a number or given a parking permit to hang in your car. Guests may only park in guest spaces.


All utilities must be transferred into your name prior to move in. We will not issue keys until we have received confirmation of the transfer of utilities.

Heat and Air Filters

It is critical that you change your air filters every month. Failure to do so will result in damage to the system and will be repaired at your expense. Call the office or email to find out where the filters are located within your unit.

Normal Care and Maintenance

Normal care and maintenance is your responsibility including, but not limited to, air filters, insect and pest control, toilet stoppage, proper disposal usage and smoke detector operation. Please take utmost care of your unit.

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