Yes, it’s already here again! It’s summer and school is out. It’s a refreshing change from the daily
rush of getting the kids transported back and forth to school, homework, reports, etc., but it can
also be a dilemma. Finding activities and a place that is safe and enjoyable for children can be a
challenge, especially for working parents. There are lists of activities for kids and a lot of
resources but who has time to do that much research. Here are some ideas that may help you
narrow down the hunt.
● Start by asking your child or teen what they are interested in. Finding an activity
they like will help ensure a good experience for you both. Once you have established an
interest, define your research to specifics. This will save time and energy. You will find
that there are many more options if you know what you’re looking for.
● Find friends and neighborhood kids with common interests. Having a buddy to
attend a new activity with is a key to success. No one likes to enter a new arena without
knowing a soul. Find another kid to team up with and they already feel comfortable trying
something new.
● Form a transportation alliance. Getting your kids back and forth to summer camps and
activities can be the biggest challenge of all. Again, look close to home to neighbors and
other family members that may already be going in the same directions or are already
planning to attend the same activities. Even if you have to meet them half way or
designate a common meeting place, it will make your job easier and more time-efficient.
● Don’t forget about teenagers! Finding a reliable teenager that needs a summer job can
solve a multitude of problems. Not only can they come to your home so your kids don’t
have to get out early, but they can transport your kids to and from their activities. Check
out your resources for names of those that are seeking summer employment but don’t
forget to check out their references. You are leaving your child in their care.
While the objective is to give them a break, keeping those kids busy will keep them happy and
healthy and you sane. This is a win-win for everyone!
Below is a list of links that will help you get started. Have a great summer!