Summer has definitely arrived and along with the heat comes a whole new set of maintenance concerns for renters. While the landlord takes care of many items, it doesn’t mean the renter is free from responsibility. In fact, the level of maintenance can differ from one landlord/property manager to another so it’s extremely important that the renter is aware of what items need to be addressed. Below is a helpful list that may save you tons of heartache and money!

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  • Mold – moisture is critical to its ability to grow to elevated levels, something as simple as a leaky pipe could prove costly. Check your plumbing and air conditioning to make sure there are no leaks and if there are, notify your landlord/property manager asap! In the meantime, use fans to dry the areas until it can be addressed.  A lack of attention can cause respiratory issues so stay on top of it!
  • Doors and Windows – check these to make sure they have a good seal or weather stripping. This will keep the hot air out and the cool air in thus resulting in lower air conditioning bills. Also check window screens for holes where insects can invade.


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  • Air Conditioning – units should be serviced at the beginning of the season to ensure it’s in good working condition. In addition, changing the air filter monthly keeps your AC running smoothly. Think of it like cleaning out your dryer vent  – same concept.
  • Pests – if  you start to see any insects, take measures to stop them before they start expanding their families by spraying inside and outdoors but make sure you are using an approved substance for safety of others and pets.

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  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – this isn’t just a summer item to check but one you should check regularly. Make sure they are working and that batteries are changed regularly. This truly is a life or death measure that is worth the few minutes it takes to guarantee safety for you and your family.

Check with your landlord/property manager to see if they will be responsible for any of these items but don’t be complacent and assume it’s going to be taken care of. Be proactive and ensure you have a safe and hazard free summer season!

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