Take Simple Steps Before Cold Snaps

It may seem hard to believe, but another winter season is right around the corner! This is a great time of year to spend time snuggled up indoors with your loved ones, but managing those potentially costly energy bills is everyone’s goal.

Did you know every degree you lower your thermostat, you’ll save 1-4 % on your heating bill? Instead of turning up the heat, cozy yourself into a soft sweater or grab a throw blanket. Winterizing your Summit rental home – be it a townhouse, condo, or single family property – is essential and will also help keep your family safe.

Here are a few of our most important and valuable suggestions:

Flip of a Switch – Switch all ceiling fans to reverse (or clockwise position.) This pushes warmer air down from the ceiling to the floor and will help lower your heating bills.

How Low to Go – When you are away from home for the holidays or on vacation, protect pipes from freezing by setting the thermostat to 62 degree.

Outdoor Attention – Be sure to turn off exterior faucets and remove garden hoses. This will prevent them from freezing when Northwest Arkansas dips into colder temperatures.

Checklist Musts – Test and replace the batteries in all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This small task could save your life.

Loop Us In – Before winter begins, notify our office if you notice any exposed pipes so we can inspect them.

These are simple, low-cost tips that can help your winter budget and provide some peace of mind. If you have any questions, contact us and we are always happy to help.