The Many Pros to Hiring Pros

Off hour phone calls, collecting late rent, and fixing minor repairs are some of the day to day dealings of property management. Fact is, while owning a long term rental home can be a profitable venture, if you are managing it privately, it also can have its share of stresses. Cue Summit Property Management of NW Arkansas! We know you will enjoy many benefits when we represent and manage your properties. Here we include a few you many not have considered.

Rent Collection Collecting rent monthly can be time consuming and unfortunately can cause tension between yourself and your tenants. A property manager is a neutral party, a natural buffer, able to take any emotion or past history out of the process. They are just doing their job. We know cash-flow is critical to you as an owner. And should an eviction ever be necessary, Summit Property Management knows the law and possesses the knowledge and tools needed to handle such an event.

Higher Tenant Retention Tenant turnover is a hassle for everyone. Locks need to be changed, the properties need to be professionally cleaned and painted and new tenants need to be vetted. Bottom line, the costs associated add up and it can be expensive too. We pride ourselves on a great tenant retention record by our attentive communication and service to our tenants. You can stress less knowing we’re treating your tenants well.

Lower Maintenance Costs Keeping up with maintenance issues in a timely way is a win-win. It keeps good tenants happy while also protecting your investment property’s value. Our maintenance staff are competent and committed to both these goals. We supervise the whole process to make sure the work is done right. This saves you time and money.

Summit helps in all these ways and even more listed in the links below, including marketing and showing your properties, taking applications, and screening tenants. Finally, remember, using us to represent your properties will allow you the freedom to travel whenever you like (or live wherever you want!) You will have the peace of mind that professionals are protecting your investment.