Warm Wishes for Winter Ahead

After the stunning fall weather we’ve had here in Northwest Arkansas, it’s now time to prepare our homes for crisper, winter weather. If you can get a jump start now, you’ll be so glad you did. We’ve compiled a few tips for our tenants and visitors to the blog. These can help you save on heating costs, make your home more energy-efficient, and most importantly, keep you and your family comfy and cozy!  Using caulk or foam to seal gaps around windows and doors can lower your winter heating bill by as much as 15 percent! So consider sealing those drafty entry ways or at the very least, roll up a towel to block larger gaps under doors that face the outside. Keep all that warm air in and brisker air out!  If you have ceiling fans, change their rotation to clockwise. This easy tip pushes warm air downward. Depending on the model, this is a quick task: it usually can be done by simply flicking a switch on the fan.  Another simple idea for keeping your home nice and toasty is to leave south-facing windows free of curtains during the daytime. You’ll notice a difference! The sun’s heat will definitely help warm those rooms.  Changing your furnace filter is another good way to increase efficiency. Also, turning your thermostat lower while you sleep – we suggest 68 degrees – will help save on your heating bills as well.

While keeping energy costs down is a great incentive for winterizing, also remember to take care of your outdoor investments. Covering patio furniture can help those pieces resist rusting in the wetter elements. And take care of your green thumb’s hard work (while saving green cash) by moving potted plants indoors. Next spring you’ll be glad you did!

If you have any questions about winterizing your home, our onsite managers are always ready to help. Your comfort is our priority and the fewer maintenance issues you have is a win-win for us. To learn more about Summit Property Management and our onsite service professionals, click here.